Air Pack Ergonomic Backpack Medium

Air Pack Ergonomic Backpack Medium

Item# cor 4300

Product Description

Our patented, ergonomic design combines wider shoulder straps and an inflatable lumbar cushion, which when properly positioned in the small of the back, creates a fulcrum to redistribute the weight from the shoulders to the hips, promoting a healthier upright standing posture, enhancing the body's natural ability to properly carry weight. Getting the right fit is very important to realize the AirPacks® unique ergonomic design benefit.

AirPacks, developed by orthopedic professionals are university-tested, clinically proven and are proportionally sized for students of all ages, with top and bottom adjustable shoulder straps that also automatically adjust from side-to-side to help maintain this correct ergonomic support even when using just one strap.

Fits average-sized middle school students and smaller adults who measure between 15" and 17" from the top of the shoulder to the natural waist. 2000-cubic-inch capacity.

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